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Our Artist Management division provides full services to music artists that want to make the transition from amateurs (or let say hobbyists) to professionals and eventually go from local to national and why not international scale. Songwriters, bands, singers, instrumentalists and everyone that produces music of any style can benefit from our artist management services. Postbloo team of experts can assist you from the very beginning, finding the right music producer for you up to creating a loyal fan base and get a major record contract.

Here’s a small picture of what we can do for you: recording and production supervision, publishing, artist’s creative identity, music video production, photoshooting, merchandising, digital content and marketing, concert and tour management, licensing, below-the-line services and many more. We work together with the artist on every topic related with sound, image and business. Our mission is to help you manage the dark side of being in the music industry so that you are free to focus on the creative side of being an artist. If you believe in your music creativity, let us know. In any case, postbloo music freaks will get you soon…

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