Postbloo Beach Festival @ Agios Nikolaos Beach, Lagonissi


8 bands and 6 djs were presented in 2 stages during Postbloo festival, the first free beach festival in Greece. Postbloo festival collaborated that year with Rock on Loreedan which took place in Padova, Italy. Τhe outcome of this collaboration was the exchange of artists between the 2 festivals. Graffiti and skateboard showcases from emerging artists and skaters also took place during the day of the event.



LaLaLa Stage                     Doopah Stage 

Ska Bangies (GR)               Natural Chorus (GR)

Polaroid (GR)                       Dj Faze (GR)

Kismet (IT)                           Mr M  (GR)

Dropeners (IT)                     Blue Lagoon (GR)

Shapeless (GR)                   POP22WATT (GR)

Monster Among Us (GR)   George Apergis (GR)

With All Of My Regret (GR)

 Install (GR)